Counting system

We have started off with a pilot project with our customer regarding a counting system. With this we wanted to gain insight into whether the production is being achieved. After all, it can have various reasons why the production would not be achieved, some examples can be found below:

  • Machine malfunctions
  • New staff
  • Limited supply of products

After the pilot had been successful, we received permission to provide the entire hall with the counting system. For this we have installed a CSP (Control Starter Panel) with the main control. A Remote IO (input / output) panel is placed at each machine line. By placing multiple HMIs (Human Machine Interface), the staff also has insight into whether the goal is being achieved or not. The number of HMIs depends on the machine line.

EKB – Cranes

On behalf of EKB realised an adjustment to an existing crane control. The end customer was not satisfied with the current control system. Initially, other functionality was removed and the controls simplified. We were then instructed to replace the HMI per crane in order to be able to indicate a clear error message instead of just an error code. This makes the day of the operators a lot more pleasant.