This next-generation LARS (Launch and Recovery System) is capable of being used in combination with large and heavy-loaded uncrewed surface platforms. (USV). Designed to be used in rough offshore conditions and operated from a moving support vessel the LARS can be deployed by any 2-point davit system capable of supporting the weight of the LARS and that of the USV. The LARS is tested up to 21 tons and fully designed according to ABS rules & standards. The new system will allow USVs with a higher superstructure and mast arrangements to enter and reduce hydrodynamic drag when extended into the water.

By using a fully automated system for launch and recovery, the user benefits from lower operating costs combined with increased operational safety. The key feature of the system is its fully opening lifting arrangement aft, allowing for any uncrewed platform to enter with virtually no limitations to its deck- and mast height or deck-mounted payloads. The system’s open, close, and lock functionality is fully automated and in sync with the lock and release system of the USV, both systems communicate with the davit and its operator for a seamless and safe operation. All functions and process stages are monitored and controlled from a handheld and remote operator’s console.

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